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National Dispatch Services Limited
Purchase Order Terms & Conditions

Note: This web page is a reference tool for the standard terms & conditions that are on the National Dispatch Services Limited (herein referred to as NDS) purchase order. The purchase order itself is the contract, not this web page.

a) See store manager to locate the work area & see issue needing repair upon arrival. Do not accept additional work without verifying it with NDS.
b) Please contact NDS at 514-389-4949 (We are open 24/7) when arriving on site and once the job is complete.
c) NDS must be contacted at the above number if an NTE increase is required, if there are any problems/issues or if anything in the scope needs to be altered in any way.
d) The store manager is not authorized to make any decisions & may not be consulted for scope of work unless specified by NDS in writing.
e) The store is not to be contacted under any circumstances, including for scheduling. All communications are to be done through NDS at the above numbers. Communicating with the store may result in cancellation of this work order.
f) Tech must have NDS signoff sheet attached to this PO signed by store manager in order to obtain payment for duly completed work. The tech's own paperwork will not be accepted.


1. This contract is between National Dispatch Services (NDS) and the vendor listed above. Do not discuss pricing with anyone at the store as store personnel not authorized to make any decisions. The client is considered to be NDS.

2. Do not leave your invoices at the store as the store is NOT authorized to pay them.


3. Stores are not authorized to initiate additional work. Any additional work performed other than what is on the work order is done at the technician’s own cost. Only written approval from NDS validates an NTE increase.


4. All technicians must carry their own liability insurance and workers compensation (if applicable). Technicians must inform NDS immediately if insurance is not available.

5. If, at any time, the work cannot be done as scheduled due to the store personnel or unforeseen circumstances, YOU MUST COMMUNICATE THIS TO NDS IMMEDIATELY. Failure to communicate this information to NDS will result in the possible cancellation of the work order.


6. Failure to complete the work listed and any additional approved work on this PO and to submit one single invoice and signoff for all work done on this PO will result in
the cancellation of the work order and no payment issued.


7. All quotes must have a labour and materials breakdown and be submitted within 1 business day of the most recent site visit. Failure to do so will result in the cancellation of this PO and no invoice will be accepted.


1. Do not go over the NTE without written approval. ANY AMOUNT OVER THE NTE is at the technician’s own expense.


2. Absolutely no invoices will be processed without a labour and materials breakdown. All materials need to be individually itemized. ALL INVOICES AND NATIONAL DISPATCH SERVICES SIGN OFF SHEETS MUST BE EMAILED TO: Do not send your invoice to workorder@.

3. All invoices are to be paid 45 days after the receipt of the invoice and sign off sheet.

4. Please be advised that NO invoices can be processed or paid without this NDS sign off sheet signed off by the store. The technicians own paperwork and signature is NOT SUFFICIENT. Net 45 time frame does NOT start until ALL paperwork is completed.


5. Please note the work order number on your invoice.


6. The invoice and sign off sheet MUST be submitted no later than 14 days after the completion of the work. After 14 days, payment may be delayed or denied. Any invoices submitted more than 6 months after completion will be declined.

7. Only 1 invoice is to be used per work order. All quoted jobs include the cost (if applicable) for the initial service call. You are NOT to send in an invoice until NDS informs you the job is closed. Original service calls MUST BE included with your final invoice. NO EXCEPTIONS ARE MADE and only 1 invoice will be paid per PO.


8. Acceptance of this work order indicates that your company understands that they may not hold National Dispatch Services Limited or the store responsible for not following these directions.


9. Any disputes under this agreement are to be determined in the jurisdiction of the Quebec superior court and in accordance with the laws of Quebec.

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